Our applications

Our applications

Innovative applications related to professional hygiene

HygieneExpert offers professionals, 4 innovative applications, easy and effective, allowing to design, trace and analyze their actions related to hygiene.


Follow and register your Health Control Plan and your HACCP actions.

Are you looking for an easy, fun and intuitive application to record your haccp actions? Choose the MyPackHygiene solution!

Save time on registrations and involve your entire team!

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Main features:
  • Firdge temperature records
  • Products traceability
  • Cleaning action follow up
  • Goods temperature records
  • Best-before date labels
  • Production follow-up

Cleaning Process

Quickly create cleaning and disinfection plans

You must carry out cleaning and disinfection plans for your customers!

Save 80% of time with the Cleaning Process solution compared to a classic solution (Excel, Word, etc.)

Cleaning Master

Guide and Follow your field staff.

List the actions to be performed. The staff follow the defined program step by step.

From the application, check and note the quality of the cleaning performed.


Create, personalize and share your questionnaires

From your Web Manager area, create and share audit models, manage your audits and generate reports!

Main features
  • Creation of questionnaire templates
  • Audit Management
  • Audit report
  • KPI dashboards