Our applications Audit

Audit: a customizable solution!

Audit can be applied to communities, franchises, any company in the food industry, etc.


From your Web Manager area

  • Creation and sharing of audits models
  • Audit management
  • Generating reports
  • Dashboard

From your smarphone or tablet

  • Conduct an audit from your mobile app, connected or not.
Main features
  • Creation of questionnaire templates

Endless tree structure, different types of questions, association of a type of answer, native scoring system, etc.

  • Audits on area

Start and end time of the audit, validation possible only if response rate = 100%, view of the progress of the responses, handwritten signatures of the client and auditor, taking photos with the possibility of drawing and annotation, automatic email notifications after validation, etc.

  • Audits reports

List of strengths and weaknesses noted, list of weaknesses with monitoring of corrective actions, etc.

  • Monitoring of corrective actions

Possibility to change corrective actions, close audits, etc.

  • KPI dashboards in macro and micro vision,

Top and flop performance classification based on a defined rule, average by type of question, by country / region and time variation (month / year), statistics by auditor, etc.

  • Settings

Management of types of questions, management of users, management of standard recommendations, etc.

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