Cleaning Process

Our applications Cleaning Process

Quickly create disinfection and cleaning plans !

Design cleaning plan and disinfection plans

Cleaning plan : Create in a few minutes multi manufacturers cleaning and disinfection plans, meeting the requirements of HACCP or RABC methods.

Customize the content

Adapt each plan to your customers needs and evolutions.

Via your product catalog or your manufacturer catalog, integrate your products and their technical and safety data sheets.

Benefit from the advanced functionalities

Gain time during the cleaning and disinfection plan creation: Duplicate, replace a product in 1 click. Use template librairies (plans, areas, surfaces).

Transfer complete files to your customers via the Cloud

cleaning plan cloud

With one click, you transfer to your customers their complete files, avoiding high printing costs. Technical data sheets of the products are updated in real time: a true added value to your service !

Cleaning Process gives access to your plans anytime and anywhere. The data is secure and unlimited.

  • Time saving (80%)

Save 80% of time on the design of a cleaning and disinfection plan with Cleaning Process compared to a classic solution (excel, word, etc.)

  • Collaborative process

Transfer complete files to your customers via the Cloud

  • Eco-responsibility

Less paper

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