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Hygiene concerns more the catering sector and catering trades subject to HACCP standards.

Dematerialise your HCP and HACCP records

HACCP Soltution MyPackHygiene

From your smartphone or tablet, connected or not, you can perform your records, while being able to edit “best before date” labels, to consult archived documents (analysis results, cleaning plan, TDS and MSDS, etc.); to scan staff badges, to order cleaning products, etc.

Main Features :

  • Firdge temperature records
  • Products traceability
  • Cleaning action follow up
  • Goods temperature records
  • Best-before date labels
  • Production follow-up

MyPackHygiene assists you on the scheduled actions to perform or on the late actions, thereby minimizing the risk of omissions.

Customise your working environment

MyPackHygiene adapts to every areas of activity related to food : commercial catering, mass catering, central kitchen, hypermarkets and supermarkets, Crafts (Bakeries, Butcher, Caterer, etc.).

The application is customizable to fit your use and context.
We help you configure your equipment, zones, surfaces, etc.

Follow and monitor your sites

From your manager area, you can follow in real time the actions completed on the various sites you manage. You monitor the activity thanks to accurate tools (dashboards, indicators).

Automatic notifications alert you and can communicate with third-party actors (mainteance department, HR department, etc.)

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