Hygiène Expert

Since 2015, Hygiène expert is your partner in digital solutions related to professional hygiene.

« Hygiene Expert creation is consecutive to a market observation: the lack of dematerialized tools and a meeting with hygiene professionals as well.»


Created in 2015, Hygiène Expert now offers 2 application ecosystems that meet the needs of professional hygiene, traceability and control for all sectors of activity.

Hygiène Expert

High-quality service

Hygiène Export is focused on human relationship quality and its development. This added value is shared into our community: clients, users, partners and associates.

Values adopted by Hygiène Expert



Every user is at the core of our reflection Hygiène Expert and its applications are built around one conviction: each person can contribute to the continuous improvement of service.



Hygiène Expert pays attention to its associates' development thanks to a constant support and training course. We are convinced that a qualified team always brings a high-quality service.



Hygiène Expert prioritize a progressive growth: each deployment plan is fully controlled.

Hygiène ExpertFigures

50000 utilisateurs satisfait
3000 structure convaincues
2 écosystèmes applicatifs